Jak and Ellie’s Wedding

Jak and Ellie’s wedding was a golden September day, celebrated at the Ferryboat Inn in the little Cornish village of Helford Passage.  We rented one of the old Coastguard Cottages.Sitting outside our Helford Passage cottageIt looked straight out onto the Helford River. View from our cottage to Helford RiverAnd just up the road was the Ferryboat Inn.View from our cottage to Ferryboat InnSuch beautiful weather for late September!  We enjoyed sitting out on the terrace with family as they arrived.  Photographers everywhere.All photographs and photographersIt was a good place for the bride to put her bouquet together, with a little help from her sister.  Intense concentration – after all, it’s not everyday you make a bridal bouquet.Concentrating on bouquet makingIt’s beginning to come together now.Bouquet coming togetherAnd Dad’s very proud of his girls.Distraction from proud dadMore of Stephen’s daughters arrived, laden with food, drink and posh frocks!More daughters arriving heavy ladenIt was a happy and very special occasion to have Ellie and her three sisters all staying with us in the cottage before her wedding day.Stephen and 4 daughters night before weddingLots of talk and fun and chatter and wine.Stephen enjoying himself with his 4 daughtersJust a little bit of knitting too ….A bit of knittingBride Ellie was up early the next day.   A beautiful day dawning on the Helford River.  A penny for your thoughts, Ellie, as you look out on the day ahead!Ellie at start of her wedding dayThe hairdresser arrived.  The result was beautiful – you’ll see later.Hair preparations3Getting the posh frocks ready with a bit of ironing.last minute ironingChecking the day was indeed going to be as beautiful at Helford Passage as it had first promised.Happy thoughts before the day startsThe stress lines show (yes, those are cigarette stubs!)Evidence of some stressful momentsAdding the finishing touches to the bouquet.that beautiful bouquetYou now get a glimpse of how beautiful the bride’s hair is.Finishing the bouquet offSome people are now in their posh frocks … others aren’t.Some are ready, some are notA last quick look in the mirror for the bride.  Last check in the bathroomA very proud dad with his beautiful daughter, Ellie.Proud Stephen with his daughterA bit of helpful Dutch courage … A bit of good cheerAnd finally we are all ready to leave the cottage!All ready to goIt was a bit of a hectic drive to the Registry Office in Helston and we only just got there in time.Ellie arriving at the registry officeBut the wedding all went OK .  The bride and the groom signed the register. Chuckles at the registry officeTheir mums also signed the register as witnesses to the marriage.Mums signing the official registryI give you the new Mr and Mrs Garraway!Just married at registry officeAnd it was back to the Ferryboat Inn for a happy and golden day, sitting in the warm September sun.wedding celebrations at Ferryboat InnGuy and Z chattingSunny time at the pub2Sunny time at the pubDuring the long, golden day, Jak and Ellie walked around the harbour, mingling with the ordinary tourists and visitors.bride and groom throughout dayTheir dedicated photographers were in tow – and, most importantly, Bailey (their cockapoo spaniel) had joined the party now.Ellie and Jak mingling with beach trippersThere was an old war bunker above the harbour which was thought to be a good place for the photoshoot (you can just see them at the top right of the picture, amid all the leafery).Photographed on bunkerPhotographed on bunker2Jak & Ellie on bunkerbannerFollowing the lunch, Stephen gave a speech.Stephen giving a speechAnd Jak responded.Jak's speechEarning a big hug!Ellie hugging Jak after speechEllie had made a beautiful wedding display of cupcakes, tiffin and roses.  The cakeAnd you can see the bunting which Stephen and I made hanging all over the pub!  (More on the bunting factory here.) Such a happy day – and evening too.  Lots of good talk and food and banter – and even cards!Good sisterly chatsiblings chattingEvening card playingHappy, happy days together, Jak and Ellie!  We’ll all remember sharing the very first day of your marriage with you!Ellie & Jak & Bailey2 Thanks to Cathy Ricketts for the great photos at the beginning and end of this blog.


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10 thoughts on “Jak and Ellie’s Wedding”

    1. It was just that, Textile Ranger – the easiest and happiest wedding I have ever been to. A few things didn’t go according to plan (of course) and the bride and groom just grinned and that was that!


  1. Looks like my last comment didn’t go through, how strange. What a lovely story and what amazing weather, beautiful situation, totally unbelievable dog, and of course the bunting that stole the show!


    1. The bunting says thank you, Polly, for your kind words – and I’m sure the dog would say so too! Just everything conspired to play their parts perfectly – how very nice it is when life is like that 🙂


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