Spring is in the air – sort of!

Oh, how we long for spring!

We had some blissfully fine weather last week, and got very excited.  All sorts of spring activity is starting to take place.  The washing is being hung out again (for the first time for goodness know how long).Washing out againSmall plants are beginning to appear in the flower beds – Irises … (I just love the way they are so tightly and neatly scrolled as they poke out of the ground).Iris buds to comeSnowdrops …snowdropsLittle Daffodils …little daffodils in bloomCrocuses …CrocusesLittle pots on the terrace are more confident in the sun. Flower pots on terrace These marigolds (seeds from my cousin Polly) have splendidly flowered all winter.Flower pot flowersAnd there are outdoor chores calling for attention.  The raspberry canes are sprouting and will need cutting back soon.Raspberries sproutingAfter a miserably wet and windy winter, we are enjoying walks out and about again.walks in spring sunshineHow good to see the gorse flowering again.Gorse is outA couple of days ago we had a truly wonderful walk further down the coast from Beadnell to Low Newton (you can see the route we took in the Searching for Sanderlings blogpost, almost exactly a year ago).  Shadows still long, warning that it is early spring and the sun is very low in the sky.  Just in the distance you can see Dunstanburgh Castle.Walking along Beadnell bayInside, thoughts are turning to spring too.  Poe is starting to moult, and needs regular grooming again.  I think she’s a bit unwise to start casting her coat so soon, but perhaps she knows something I don’t.Poe starts moulting againSeed catalogues come out, and we begin to get excited about summer flowers.  Stephen has plans to build a pond this year ….Seed catalogues come outStrangely, inside our flowers are mostly flaming scarlet-red, which is kind of weird, – but gorgeous too.scarlet flowers insideAnd despite the cold outside, we are still getting salad crops in the greenhouse.salad leaves in greenhouseLast weekend, I was in London, and things are rather further on there than here in the north.  Just look at these positively Wordsworthian daffodils at Alexandra Palace!Daffodils at Ally PallyThere was spring blossom too.Blossom on tree at Ally PallyThen – just as we are starting to take this beautiful spring weather for granted, the weather turns and we get snow – or is it sleet, or perhaps hail?Grey and cold againEvery year, it is the same, and every year we get over-excited with the first signs of spring warmth and growth.  Back to normal for Northumberland.snow at SeaviewIn Moominland Midwinter, Tove Jansson tells the story of how Moomintroll wakes up early one winter (rather than hibernating right through as Moomins usually do) and thus experiences cold, snow and wintry wetness for the first time. Moonmintroll gets rather fed up with it, and comes up with this wonderful grumpy little poem.

Listen, winter creatures, who have sneaked the sun away,
Who are hiding in the dark and making all the valley grey:
I am utterly alone, and I’m tired to the bone,
And I’m sick enough of snowdrifts just to lay me down and groan.
I want my blue verandah and the glitter of the sea
And I tell you one and all that your winter’s not for me!

I’m with Moomin on this one!Grumpy Moomin


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15 thoughts on “Spring is in the air – sort of!”

    1. Glad you liked the pics, Susan. The longing for Spring is so deep within us all – and we all know we have to be patient, but still somehow hope it might arrive a little sooner …


  1. What a beautiful place you live in! Our crocuses shot up a few weeks ago – we’ve had an unusually warm winter in SW Ontario Canada this year….but winter is now with us in full force and the crocuses are buried in 2 feet of snow!


    1. Yes – it is very beautiful here, Karen – we are so lucky. And there I am worrying about my little crocuses and a dusting of snow while yours are under 2 feet – wow! Hope they come out unscathed!


  2. Love your corner of the world! It looks amazing! Such beautiful flowers, it surely looks like spring is in the air. We were also lucky this week – the weather is fabulous!


    1. One of the things I best love about blogs and instagram, Alina, is seeing other peoples’ worlds and places – it’s just fascinating, isn’t it? Yes, it is amazing here – we are so lucky. Glad you too have had good weather – I wonder if you have signs of spring in your locality too?

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  3. Glad to hear that the cousins of my marigolds have done so well! How exciting that Stephen may build a pond. I wonder where. The word ‘chore’ brings Granny to mind so vividly that it made me smile.


    1. Yes – Polly – your marigolds have been the bravest and most excellent delight – thank you so much! Funny that you associate the word “chore” with Granny – I use it quite a lot, and didn’t realise I got it from her (probably).


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