A final garden fling

It’s a strange time of year, no doubt about it. So many signs of summer lingering and not really proper autumn …

Over the last few weeks, we’ve had days when the garden bench is still inviting …When it is good to sit and smile at the sun …Or find a quiet sunny spot for a bit of punch-card preparation …The cats are still in playful summer mode …There is still plenty of colour to be enjoyed …Still flashes of intense green …Lots of red fruits and red flowers …The rose is having a wonderful second flowering …And there are still butterflies about, enjoying the flowers …The sweet peas continue to amaze …! why only yesterday I picked a bunch as good as this!So I’m still deadheading like mad  …But the shadows are long …And I’m beginning to clear up and cut back …The compost heap is filling up. The compost on the right will be going out on the flower beds soon (when I’ve hardened my heart and uprooted that fine poppy).Our big beds show well the mix of the seasons: summer flowers jostle next to autumnal seedheads …There are days of weird and beautiful light …Sparkling sunny days …But we’re starting to get proper misty-moisty days as well …Which throws everything into a strange new perspective …Not that a bit of mist could dim the glorious oranges here …I love the fabulous new silhouettes the misty garden is throwing up …Spiders’ webs everywhere!But we’ve had the first of the autumnal gales blowing the pots around …Some days it’s better to be inside …Where we are putting on extra layers of cardigan …Time to put away the summer duvet cover …And get out the quilt …Or perhaps Stephen’s knitted blanket … ?Yes, I think Ilsa prefers the blanket!And over these last couple of weeks, the fields have changed from brown, brown, brown …To green again!Weird and wonderful …


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12 thoughts on “A final garden fling”

  1. Indeed, what a strange season! Jeremy reports from New York that it’s still 25 there and he’s wishing for the cold to come. Enjoyed all the pics of your garden.


    1. Amazing that it is so mild. But thank goodness for it, Polly – our boiler is still broken! We’re very much hoping the engineer will be back to fit a new pump today ….


  2. Here in SW Ontario Canada, we too are having an extended summer….about 25 today. Unheard of at Thanksgiving when we usually have cold days and some years even a little snow. Thanks for sharing…your garden is beautiful, such a wonderful location so near the sea!


    1. Fascinating to hear that it is so mild for you too, Karen, in Canada – weird and strange weather times. Half of me longs for the colder weather, but there’s a big part that says I should just enjoy the garden as long as the warm weather lasts. Thank you for your kind words about our sea-view garden 🙂


    1. Thank you, Anne – but I never feel anything in the garden is clever of me – I’m a very muddly gardener and never remember what I’m planting where …. Yes indeed, I would hate to live in places where there is no seasonal change.


  3. Glorious colour in your garden. The cosmos and dahlias are such great value, aren’t they? And poppies still going strong in the autumn! The sunshine makes us feel so energetic and positive but what a contrast when it’s grey and misty – the world shrinks. I’m sure the ‘British’ personality reflects this! Your brick collection is growing ….


    1. Thank you, Mandy – yes, we are getting great value from these plants! And I completely agree about the weather so affecting our energy levels – it feels ridiculous not to be able to control our moods more, but the weather seems to override everything. Err – yes the brick collection is growing (very sharp-eyed of you to notice 🙂 ).


  4. Lovely, as always. Without a garden I am living vicariously through your posts. I do appreciate your time and the many photographs! I have not only garden-envy, but location-envy too. So many changes of weather and scenery!


    1. Thank you so much for your kind comments 🙂 I’ve had times in my life without a garden (or with a very very small one) so I know what it is to look at others and dream …. very glad to hear that you are enjoying mine.


    1. Not surprised you’re voting for the wool blanket, Alina, because I know you have been knitting the most beautiful wool blanket yourself! Thank you for your kind words about the garden – and I agree lots of things go to make up a good garden 🙂


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