Lockdown Life

Well, the banner pic really says it all – it is glorious as ever at our Seaview home, even in these Lockdown times. How very lucky we are.

We continue to potter round in our garden with the help of our funny feline friends, Eggy and Ilsa …Who are eager to help with almost everything …Especially anything wheelbarrow …And of course the planting out of sweet-pea seedlings …In the greenhouse there has been sowing and growing of seeds …Which has necessitated some energetic digging to prepare veg beds for the new seedlings …Stephen has got the once-weekly shop down to a fine art, no longer arriving  to find a long queue …Being second in the queue is much more manageable …We celebrated Easter with tradition. I found this enchanting tablecloth in a local second hand shop, and it is my special Easter treat.  I don’t allow it to be used for long less somebody spill something on it … And I have been busy making Face Masks for family and friends …I was given this fabulous butterfly fabric by an internet friend, and thought it just right for a Face Mask  – but on second thoughts, perhaps it’s a little too extreme Silence of the Lambs for me … I’ve sent it to my daughter in London and she loves it …Still making more …We have the local beach in Spittal almost to ourselves …As the car parks are closed off …But very best of all are our weekly walks along the sea cliffs to the limekilns on Cocklawburn beach …On some trips the weather has been just a little challenging ..Especially if – like me – you wear glasses …But, even in the damp sea mist, Cocklawburn is very very lovely …No problems with social distancing here! Just the odd ghost train …Cattle huddled together …Most of our trips to Cocklawburn are more promising …The sea cliffs along the way are at their very best right now, sprinkled with tiny primroses and heavily scented with gorse …You can barely make out that powdering of primroses as you look down to the sea …But if you climb down a bit, why – that’s heaven on a plate! Primroses interspersed with violets …The cattle are a lot more friendly these days …We were amused to see on our return walk that this nursery encourages a post-prandial nap for the young!There is so much of fascination on this beach – never a dull moment. Sometimes visitors leave their own marks …Sometimes there are sad reminders of the harsh world outside …Always there are miracles in the sand like these beautiful ephemeral sandtrees …Often we find Cuddy Bead (those little circular crinoid fossils) treasure …And there is ancient as well as relatively modern history at the limekilns sitting above the prehistoric stone formations …An occasion for a birthday drink (we walked down here on Stephen’s birthday) before setting home … More likely a drink to the end of Lockdown …Like most of you, we miss our friends and family so very much, and the hardship and sadness of this difficult time is creeping ever closer to our Seaview sanctuary with loss and separation.  Beautiful it may be, but the heart can be very heavy. Stay safe.


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13 thoughts on “Lockdown Life”

  1. Kathy I love your blog as always; Your garden looks lovely and your hard work digging the veg patch will yield great results when the seedlings start to grow. Fond memories of Cockleburn beach and how deserted it is now!


    1. Dear Gilly – I often think of you when we visit Cocklawburn, and how excited you were to discover the beautiful beach you’d seen from the train! When this is all over, you must come back xx


  2. Hello, I have not responded to your blogs or read them for SO long, I got ‘blogged’ down and took a break LOL I am Back and what a treat, you haven’t changed a bit! Love your Easter table with the Lindt rabbits…….my absolute favourite but all the spring shots and workings are just a sight for sore eyes. Yes, Lock down here also but I am enjoying it and it helps to live in the country and not in an urban setting! Thank you


    1. Lovely to hear from you again, Susan, – I’m imagining you writing with your beautiful garden and dogs for company. Yes, we are very lucky to be in the countryside at these worrying times. That table cloth is a treasure – it provides the perfect Easter setting, doesn’t it?


  3. Looks beautiful. It’s funny how primroses and violet look such a riot of colour in real life but rather insignificant when I try to photograph them. I haven’t yet made masks but feel the time will soon come. Make the most of your deserted beaches and walks.


    1. If you could see the masses of photos I’ve taken of primroses – all so disappointing! But when you see them in reality, yes, they are a riot of colour. I look forward to seeing your Face masks, Anne, – I am sure you will make use of some of your fabulous printed fabrics!


  4. Hi there, I am new to your blog but so glad I found it – that was a lovely walk along the beach – I am so missing our Scottish retreat and the sea – when we are allowed to travel back up there our cottage garden will be like a jungle whilst the one at home here in West Yorkshire has never had so much attention! I must get down to making some masks ready for re-entering the world do you have a link for the pattern?


    1. Welcome! I’ve been reading your blog on and off for a while so I know about your lovely Scottish retreat, and feel for you having to stay away. It will wait – and what a treat to go back there one day!!
      I found the Face Mask pattern and lots of very good information here: https://soeasilydistracted.com/home/15-diy-homemade-face-masks-patterns-and-tutorials/
      and I made the Stitching Scientist one:
      Happy stitching!


      1. Hi Kay – thank you for the links – I will have a look at them and have a go. I can’t wait for my treat – we would have been living there now if it wasn’t for the flood and other family issues and illnesses – we never intended to have two homes on the go – too much hassle for me with the upkeep.

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  5. Of course you would be making face-masks! And they’re beautiful! Also of course. Do you have a couple to spare? Or could you share your pattern? I’m waiting for the day when we need them for public places.

    Love, Polly

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