Stephen & Katherine in DurhamKatherine, Stephen and our two little cats, Eggy and Ilsa, live on the very north Northumberland coast.

We walk a lot (especially Stephen!), and enjoy exploring the historic elements  of the Northumbrian landscape – castles, rock art,  Whin Sill – they all fascinate us.  We’re also interested in the birds we see around, both on the coast (on the nearby Farne Islands) and in our garden.

Katherine knits and spins and sews – there’s always lots of projects going on in my mind if not on my needles.  You can see my first attempt at quilting in the blog post on My Story Quilt.

Stephen is a mathematician and can often be found with some mathematical tome, still puzzling over the theorems he studied as a young student.  He’s also particularly interested in the thought and writings of the American monk, Thomas Merton.

We love our garden, and our cats, and they all feature in this blog diary.  Eggy and Ilsa have there own introductory page, as does our old cat, Poe. Sometimes our six children creep into the blogposts, but they all live down south, so prefer to stay out of the picture!

We both read a great deal.  Stephen enjoys classic detective fiction.

We are enormously lucky to live in an extraordinary place.  Wintry sunrises, changing colour of the fields, windy times  – these are all things that appear on this blog.

If you would like to get in touch, please leave your details in the form below, and we’ll get back to you.


2 thoughts on “About”

  1. Kathy this is so good! Your photography skills are very good, i’m impressed. I miss you, Stephen, Poe and your house and would love to come visit you soon! Lots of love, Katie xxx


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