Goodbye Poe

Our dear companion, #happycat Poe, died on Wednesday.comfy PoeWe came downstairs on Tuesday morning to find that she had had a stroke.  Her head was twisted sharply to the left. She wouldn’t eat her food – even the most freshly cooked salmon couldn’t tempt her.Poe's strokeShe was still managing to walk around, but collapsed into short sleeps, exhausted by the effort.Poe asleep near the water bowlOn Tuesday night, we mossed her up.  She slept in one of her favourite places next to Stephen on the sofa.Poe next to StephenAnd the next day, we picked her up very gently from her flowery bed and took her to the vet.Poe asleep in flowerbedShe has been our excellent companion for over 19 years – she was a very very old lady.  You can may have read about her early life with us here, and some of you may remember also reading how worried we were earlier this year, when two younger cats came to live with us. Despite our misgivings, that was not a problem.  The three cats learned that they had to share human attention, whether in the morning …3 cats - all wanting attentionOr round the fire in the evening …K grooming cats in front of fireYou might even think Ilsa and Poe were friendly companions here … Sadly the picture also highlights Poe’s loss of weight against the plumper Ilsa.Walking with IlsaSometimes the new kits were a little bit mean … now kits, it’s not nice to mock poor Poe who just wants to get into the house …Yah boo sucks, PoeOur little Poe became markedly more absent-minded in these last days.  We would find her asleep in odd places…Poe with watering canBut she could surprise us too. After two year’s without catching any mice, she recently caught one, showed it to the very interested Ilsa, and then proceded to eat every little bit of it …Poe showing off her mouseOh, she did make us laugh!  She was so spoilt with little treats that she grew to expect them long before they were offered.expecting treatsAnd, on occasion, her love of icecream overwhelmed her.Poe with icecream cartonShe kept us company as we read …Poe watching me readingWorked in the conservatory …Poe sitting on Stephen's workOur dear friend, Poe, who ventured so bravely up to Northumberland with us – surveying her empire. Poe surveys her empireShe was immortalised for us in this wonderful painting by Flo Brooks.  #happycat Poe remains with us, in her place on the sofa.Flo's portrait of Poe