We are in “blowsy” time.  The fresh flowers of early summer are mostly over and we are looking out on a garden full of seeds, and deadheads.flower bedIt has been hot and sunny and windy, all of which have combined to give us that blown over feel.   loosestrifeThe grasses are long and wild.colours may be hot but grasses are wildIn sympathy with the season, yellows and golds predominate in the and golden fieldsgolden alchemilla mollisyellow and white flowersThere are just a few flowers left on the scattered poppy seedlings in the lane.poppies going over in laneAs the lilies go over …lillies go over… the sunflowers (finally) come out. sunflowersOut for walks, we find fluffy thistle seeds waiting to catch the breeze and depart …fluffy thistle seeds… and purple swathes of Rosebay Willowherb – such a beautiful name, such a beautiful plant and such beautiful colours here where it sits next to the russets of sorrel.Swathes of purple willowherbThe grain fields catch the mood of the moment with their golden moments.golden fields and golden flowersSometimes the skies do too.golden skiesWaiting time. We are waiting for harvest, for the next season.stitching away on summer daysMustn’t let this beautiful time go past without enjoying it to the full.